Drag it Off the Road

Life is full of ups and downs, kind of like a rollercoaster. Sometimes, we face challenges that seem so big, they stop us in our tracks, much like a huge rock blocking the road. There’s a story from the Bible, in 2 Samuel 20, that gives us a powerful lesson about how to deal with these obstacles.

King David’s Tough Time
Imagine being King David. His own son, Absalom, tries to take over the kingdom. This leads to a big battle, and sadly, Absalom dies. David is heartbroken but also has to deal with the aftermath, including his angry army leaders and another rebellion popping up. It’s like one thing after another, and David has to figure out what to do next.

The Big Lesson: Moving Forward
In the story, there’s a moment where a guy named Amasa is lying dead in the road, and everyone just stops. They can’t move forward because they’re shocked and stuck. But then, someone makes the decision to move Amasa off the road so they can keep going. This might seem a little grim, but it’s actually a metaphor for overcoming obstacles in our lives.

What this teaches us is sometimes, we need to find a way to "drag" our problems aside so we can move on. It doesn’t mean we forget about them, but we don’t let them stop us from going forward.

Why This Matters for Us
Just like David and his kingdom, we all face challenges. Maybe it’s stress from school, problems with friends, or anything else that feels like it’s blocking our path. The story of David teaches us that no matter how tough things get, we have to find a way to keep moving.

It’s about resilience, which means bouncing back from tough times, and faith, believing that things can get better. We all have the strength inside us to overcome obstacles, just like King David did.

The Takeaway
Next time you’re faced with a challenge that feels like a huge roadblock, remember King David’s story. It’s a reminder that with a little bit of courage and determination, we can move those obstacles aside and keep pushing forward. Life’s road might be bumpy, but we have what it takes to keep going.