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And He just keeps moving!

Greetings! I'm Joshua Kennedy, founder of Issachar Church, and this story amazes me every time. Seven years ago, with nothing but faith we began turning Casey's Bar into our church home. The Lord answered throughout this journey by blessing us again & again. Now an incredible opportunity has come knocking at our doorstep. We have been presented with a matching grant to refurbish parts of the church building, like windows, doors, and even awnings! It's truly amazing what God can do when you put your trust in Him.

I am thrilled to share this incredible news that any donation made over the next 6 weeks towards Issachar's Building fund will be matched - up to $10,000! Now is an extraordinary opportunity for us all as a community and church family; when we come together, our donations will have a double impact. With your support, I look forward to seeing lives changed and needs met in early June, when the building repairs are complete - transforming not only our structure but how we reach out and make connections with those around us. Together let's ensure 2023 can be remembered as a pivotal year at Issachar Church, where hearts were transformed, and hope restored within this beautiful town.

I'm excited to connect with you and share the story of Issachar Church and Sheridan, a small-town Gina and I are passionate about. Your generous donation will be matched for 6 weeks, so your help can go twice as far toward our mission and purpose!

Together we can make an amazing impact on this beloved town and Issachar Church!

Look at what God has already done!

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Never forget !

Change is nothing new for Issachar Church, October 2011 Issachar started in a storefront on Main Street in Sheridan, but they quickly grew out of the space. For much of their existence Issachar has had to share space with other churches.  Now nearly 10 years after our start we are close to not only having our own building but a perfect place to have great impact and contribute to Hamilton and Boone county.

How it all started...

1 Chronicles 12:32
“The tribe of Issachar knew the days they lived in and knew what must be done.”\

I’m not able to say we were qualified, financially ready, or even spiritually ready for this journey.  All we heard was the Holy Spirit saying, “Go. Reach Sheridan; they are not forgotten. I will do something there that has never been done before.”  We listened and began Issachar Church in the small town of Sheridan, Indiana with a goal to:    
“Go to the Place of Greatest Pain and Meet Needs”

Expanding the vision...

Imagine yourself looking into a building complete with dirt, mold, rot, and all the smells and critters that accompany.  501 South Main Street was exactly that and so much more.  How could two not so handy city people from a small town church with limited funds renovate a building that needed new everything?  
The building was in very bad shape...a letter had already been sent out, and it was about to be condemned.  With God’s and the community’s help, fast forward to a new home for Issachar Church. 
It is my belief that a church should not only be open once a week for worship but should also offer a place that serves the community and breathes life into all around it. We have created a community space so when people decide to give Issachar Church a chance, the building will already be like a second home.  We will be offering financial literacy classes, resume writing and interview assistance, after school programs, and a coffee house that will be open in the evenings as a place for people to enjoy and connect with one another.

It was just Yesterday:

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Be a part of our story...

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